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Institutional Subscribers IP Registration

Please Note: This form is for institutional subscribers (i.e. libraries, etc) only! Individual subscribers to History of Philosophy Quarterly should click here to register.

History of Philosophy Quarterly organizational subscribers can use this form to register the IP addresses for all computers connected to the your campus network. This can include any proxy or dial-up servers.


Step 1: Your institution
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Step 2: Give us your Customer ID Number
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Step 3: Institutional IP Addresses*
Examples: designates a single computer

  • To designate multiple, non-contiguous IPs separate each with a comma, as in;,,
  • To designate a class C block of IPs, use an asterisk in the last position, as in:
  • To designate multiple class C ranges enter the first address, followed by a hyphen, and the last address, as in:

    For more help in determining your your institution's IP addresses, please consult your technology department.


    Please Note: Processing of this form takes five business days. Failure to include your journal subscription numbers may delay the process further.


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